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As a Holistic Health and Intuition Coach, I use intuition daily in my personal and professional life and could not imagine life without it anymore. 

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If you’ve looked everywhere else for the answers how to get healthier, have better relationships, increase your energy & live a happier, more successful life…then it’s time to finally learn how to tap into your own intuition, and listen to the answers within.

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Meet Arleta...

For the last 20+ years I’ve been dedicated to gaining a deeper understanding of how to use our own intuition to care for our unique & individual bodies and minds. As I attempted to cure my depression, anaphylaxis allergy, painful menstruation, migraines, skin sensitivities, a possible hormonal imbalance, gluten intolerance, adrenal fatigue & more, I grew to be unsatisfied with the doctor’s 10 minute exams. I began reading book after book to learn more on my own as I went through a long & winding journey of trying different healthy eating habits & healing modalities.

I have learned how to eat intuitively for my body type, my dosha & metabolic type, how to breathe for deep relaxation, and how to manage my emotions. Now I am happy with incredible peace in my life, with myself, and with everything around me.

My physical issues are all healed – I am healthier & stronger than I have ever been and I haven’t had an anaphylaxis allergy attack in years. I have a garden at home filled with healthy foods that are good for me & I enjoy trying out new and healthy recipes. I have been able to eliminate antidepressants and stop therapy after almost 12 years.

From my personal experience, my IIN Health Coaching Certification, UK Qualifi Certification, Theta Healing Practitioner Certification, Gut Health & Nutrition Courses as well as working with many diverse clients, I’ve realized that everyone’s body & needs are unique and there is no one-size-fits all solution. I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge and skills with others who are struggling with the same issues I have faced so they can tune into their own intuition and find the peace, health, and energy to live the life they really want as well

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