Sleep Better Naturally Without Medication

woman sleeping and smiling in large bed full of while clean linen, in early morngin light. Caption 'How to sleep better naturally without medication & Increase your energy level'

Increase Your Energy Levels & Cognition If you have not been sleeping well you know exactly how incredibly debilitation it feels. In this article, you will find all you need to understand how to sleep better naturally. Sleeping better naturally is more than just about getting enough hours of sleep. It is important to focus […]

11 Ways to drink more water & Stay hydrated

two large grey mugs and black tea pot, people hands holding one mug each. Caption '11 ways to drink more water & stay hydrated. Improve your energy levels, mood & memory'

Improve your energy levels, mood & memory | Relieve headache and constipation In this article, I share with you 11 ways to drink more water and staying well hydrated. Staying well hydrated has its many benefits and I am sure you already heard about it many times. But if you suffer from headaches, constipation, or low […]

SENSE-tives – Highly Sensitive People

Being sensitive have been misunderstood and marginalised for long time. Often what people hear when someone say sensitive is ‘delicate’, ‘fragile’ or ‘weak’ and there is nothing further from the truth then that.

Gratitude Challenge and the why

While we experience gratitude there are physical changes happening in our body, our parasympathetic system is switch on which means our relax and digest response is on.

Changes rumbling through my life

The blog will be still part of my life, but what is right now aligning with me is a place where I can offer people my services as a Theta Healer and a Health Coach