Grounded, peaceful and relaxing holidays!

During this very busy time a year we all tend to get either overwhelmed or stressed, or both! It’s hard to expect relaxing holidays when we have so many things to do. Getting the last minutes gifts, packing them at midnight, making shopping lists and trying to stay calm with potential family drama playing itself yet again in front of us.

This year first time in my life I am taking more relaxed approach to holidays. That does not mean I don’t still tap into stress of to many things to do or second guessing myself whether e.g. the idea of making a video for family instead of sending card this Christmas was a good one.

But no matter what pops in my head I stay on the course knowing that I already have all I need. And even if I serve burned food or simpler dinner I am going to have a great time together with my family.

I really wish you all that you will see where and when it is ok to say no or lower your expectations in order to keep your sanity.

Christmas should be about experiencing not doing, about being present instead of the presents 😉
We all have so much to be grateful for. Gratitude is healthy even if we still are inspired to create and bring more into our lives.

Enjoy yourself. Stay warm. Be yourself. Breath. See how much you already have. You’ve got this.

You can do it!

Sending you a lot of positive energy and wishing you wonderful, relaxing and joyful Holidays!


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Arleta BW

Arleta BW

Arleta is an IIN Certified Health Coach, UK Qualifi Certified Coach, Theta Healing Certified Practitioner, and Gut Health & Nutrition Specialist. After working with many diverse clients & healing herself, she's realized that everyone’s body & needs are unique and there is no one-size-fits all solution. Arleta is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and skills with others who are struggling with the same issues she has faced so they can tune into their own intuition and find the peace, health, and energy they need to live the life they really want as well.

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