How to navigate the sea of unwanted gifts

a top down photo of a red and green plan in the corner and stack of 'Theta Healing Session gift vouchers' on the top of wooden surface

The unwanted gifts.

Do you know how many unwanted gifts you have given ?

Well we all do it…

Apparently one in three people receives unwanted gift for Christmas!

So if you give something to at least 3 people this Christmas, one of them may simply not want the thing you gave them.

I am a bit of a party pooper I know, but here is the thing: 72 % of millennials would prefer to have an experience over a thing.

There is about 60 million! unwanted gifts every Christmas in UK.

About a half of the British population will re-gift their unwanted gifts, most keep them out of politeness.

I can’t leave it without mentioning how much waste and pollution it will create.
On average, British women will bin £26 of unwanted beauty gifts.

The fact that there is abundance of articles telling you what to do with unwanted gifts says it all.

How to avoid it.

On that note I would love to highlight that supporting local businesses is far better for environment, you actually are supporting a real person, as opposed to the large corporations.

You are reducing the waste too. 

Especially if you choosing a gift vouchers, an experience over a thing.

On a personal note as someone who strives to live minimalist life I always appreciate a voucher or experience. My approach is this, even if it is something I would not choose myself, I get to try something new once. 

So if you can, please support local entrepreneurs, small businesses, share the information about them. Give vouchers, gift cards, take people for a day or night out, spend time together.

My offer.

Here are the gift certificates I offer this year:

a top down photo of a red and green plan in the corner and stack of 'Theta Healing Session gift vouchers' on the top of wooden surface

For anyone interested I am more then happy to post them to anyone in UK, if bought before 20th of December.
Or can email e-voucher.

The cost is £60 and can be used to cover price of the Theta Healing Session or to offset the price of any of my other services.
They are valid until 31/01/2021

Theta Healing is an energy healing method using subconscious mind to re-programme limiting beliefs which might not be serving you anymore. 

Shift heavy emotions, release trauma, understand why you are here and what makes you special.

Step into your Divine Conscious Potential.

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Arleta BW

Arleta BW

Arleta is an IIN Certified Health Coach, UK Qualifi Certified Coach, Theta Healing Certified Practitioner, and Gut Health & Nutrition Specialist. After working with many diverse clients & healing herself, she's realized that everyone’s body & needs are unique and there is no one-size-fits all solution. Arleta is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and skills with others who are struggling with the same issues she has faced so they can tune into their own intuition and find the peace, health, and energy they need to live the life they really want as well.

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