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Easy Carrot Coleslaw

 Easy carrot coleslaw recipe No-fuss Easy carrot coleslaw recipe. Just a few ingredients and takes a few minutes to complete. Perfect as a dairy-free, vegan

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white porcelain bowl filled with yellow-white creamy citrus celeriac soup sprinkled with fried dice bacon

Easy Citrus Celeriac Soup

Citrus Celeriac Soup Easy Citrus Celeriac Soup Simple and easy Citrus & Celeriac Soup. No-fuss 6 ingredients dinner, a refreshing lime flavor which makes this

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Homemade Sauerkraut

Anyone who knows me will tell you how hard it is to shut me up about the gut flora and importance of fermented foods. I consider sauerkraut to be one of the easiest living foods to make and also much more affordable to make it yourself.

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