SENSE-tives – Highly Sensitive People

What I call a group of people who are Highly Sensitive People (HSP), Empaths or Intuitives.


Being highly sensitive person have been misunderstood and marginalised for very long time. Often what people hear when someone say sensitive is ‘delicate’, ‘fragile’ or ‘weak’. And there is nothing further from the truth then that.

If you search for meaning of the world sensitive what comes up is confusing.

According to Google, the know-it-all of our times Sensitive means: ‘quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals, or influences.’ That makes sense and is somehow accurate. The problem is that thiss description is followed by ‘easily damaged, injured, or distressed by slight changes’.

In our society where extroversion and boldness is often favoured, we can see  how being sensitive in any way would not be desirable. Unless of course you are an alarm system or a mine detector 😉

So here I am trying to support the change in what we think of Sensitivity. 
I found great definition from 15c which defines Sensitivity as:

“pertaining to the faculty of the soul that receives and analyses sensory information”

a woman in white pink dress and summer hat walks through field of lavender. You can see her back only.

This is how I see it and this is how I would love to see it.

My own SENSEtivity.

I am an HSP and an Empath, it took me a while to figure out how to cope with the world. How to manage my SENSEtivity. It started as a rough journey with number of health problems. I developed all that partially becasue of the lack of understanding of myself.

This is one of the reason I am really passionate about supporting and guiding SENSEtives as a Holistic Health and Intuition Coach.

In the video below I am covering the basics of SENSEtives, who they are, how to identyfy if you are one.  With facts and personal observations and experience.

I will go Live of Facebook every second Thursday covering different areas or issues SENSEtives may face.

Let me know if you would like me to cover any specific subject or question. 

Find me on YouTube @ArletaBW


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Arleta BW

Arleta BW

Arleta is an IIN Certified Health Coach, UK Qualifi Certified Coach, Theta Healing Certified Practitioner, and Gut Health & Nutrition Specialist. After working with many diverse clients & healing herself, she's realized that everyone’s body & needs are unique and there is no one-size-fits all solution. Arleta is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and skills with others who are struggling with the same issues she has faced so they can tune into their own intuition and find the peace, health, and energy they need to live the life they really want as well.

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