Learn how to use your own intuition to make better decisions & live a happier, healthier life.

Is this you?

Do you analyse every possible option before you decide what step to take in?

Are you tired of trying to calculate your calorie intake in every meal?

Are you lost in the sea of diet and nutrition information and keep trying every health solution underneath the sun?

Do you lose years in one job place without a way to advance and in fear of leaving?

Are you tired of conflict with your loved ones or co-workers?

Do you seem to always interact with others when they are in a grumpy mood?

Intuition is your most valuable and free resource to tap into for making decisions.  Whether it is a decision about your career change, life partner, or your lunch, intuition is there to guide you. 

It takes practice, intuition has to be exercised like any other muscle but with regular exercise you can learn how to use it and start improving in all areas of your life.

Are you ready to start making clearer & more confident choices in your life?

Hello Sunshine!

From August 2022 I am taking a few months off to spend quality time with my family and our brand new baby. My availability will be very limited in the initial months and I  may respond to emails and messages slower than usually. 

Thanks for understanding.

Love and positive vibes,


Here's How I Can Help:

Individual theta healing sessions.  Theta healing technique is an amazing energy healing modality.

It is fast, effective and works for physical and emotional conditions.

The ultimate point is to get to the bottom of the issue and remove the root cause, often a limiting belief.

Investment:  starting at £80

3-month group coaching programme.

Intimate group size and 1 on 1 healing session for everyone, plus ongoing support in between the meetings.

No spaces available atm.

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Investment:  starting at £

3-month 1 on 1 coaching program designed to help reconnect to your inner strength & guidance using my 3-way coaching process:

  • reclaim your energy by creating physical well-being,
  • regain your subconscious mind as a supportive party in your life,
  • reconnect with yourself and your inner knowing by releasing heavy emotions.

Investment:  starting at £2400

Not Sure Where to Start?

Book a free call and we’ll find the right coaching package for you:

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By working with me you are supporting WWF.

 I donate 10% of my revenue every year to support climate initiatives and wildlife around the world.

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